Fieldgate PAM SFG600

Fieldgate PAM SFG600 ©Endress+Hauser
Fieldgate PAM SFG600 rear view ©Endress+Hauser
Fieldgate PAM SFG600 front view ©Endress+Hauser
Start screen ©Endress+Hauser
Filter function ©Endress+Hauser
network architecture ©Endress+Hauser
Fieldgate PAM SFG600 + Field Xpert SMT70 ©Endress+Hauser


The Fieldgate PAM SFG600 is a device configuration management gateway and supports HART devices via PROFINET networks. The HART devices must have a unique device TAG. The devices must be in operation with a PROFINET controller and operated via the Siemens assembly ET 200SP with the 4xl 2-wire HART analog modules with HART capabilities. During production, the Fieldgate is configured with the IP address supplied by the customer at the field network interface, and connected to the PROFINET.

  • 利点

    • Industrial, robust and fully configured Fieldgate.

    • Easy to connect via Plug and Play.

    • Network complexity is not apparent due to fully automatic network scan for all HART devices connected to the Siemens ET 200SP in PROFINET systems.

    • When used in...

  • アプリケーション

    The Fieldgate PAM SFG600 enables device configuration for HART devices in PROFINET systems with Siemens ET 200SP HART remote I/O assemblies. Up to 10 user can connect via Field Xpert SMT70 up to 1024 HART devices quickly and easily, without having to...


  • 測定原理


  • 機能


  • CPU

    Intel Core i5プロセッサ7300U 2.6 GHzデュアルコア

  • メモリ

    SO-DIMM DDR4、8192 MB

  • ハードディスクドライブ

    CFast 64 GB、MLC

  • 電源

    DC 24 V ±25 %、SELV

  • 寸法 (WxHxD)

    221.5 mm x 54 mm x 248.3 mm(8.72 " x 2.12" x 9.77")

  • 通信インターフェース

    1x Ethernet PROFINET RJ45(ETH1)

    1x Ethernet PAM Client RJ45(ETH2)

    1x EthernetサービスRJ45(IFオプション2)

  • システム要件


    Siemens ET200SP IM155-6PN HF

    オーダーコード:6ES7 155-6AU00-0CN0

    HARTモジュール:Siemens ET200SP IM 155-6PN HFを搭載

    モジュール:4xI 2線式HART

    オーダーコード:6ES7 134-6TD00-0CA1

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