Point level switch
Soliswitch FTE31
Rotary paddle switch

Point level switch 
Soliswitch FTE31
Rotary paddle switch ©Endress+Hauser

Simple mechanical mechanism, extremely robust and cost-effective point level switch for bulk solids

The economical Soliswitch FTE31 is a paddle switch for point level detection in bulk materials. Its robust polymer housing and compact design makes it an ideal sensor for full, empty and demand alarm in applications with bulk solids. The optimized materials make the unit outstandingly robust and therefore suitable for use in dust explosive areas.

  • 利点

    • Reliable and economical paddle switch

    • Highest safety standard for dust-explosion-hazardous areas

    • Diverse instrument designs for use under different application conditions

    • Slip clutch prevents impact on paddle

    • Ingress protection to IP 65 / NEMA 4x / Type 4x...

  • アプリケーション

    The universal point level switch FTE31 is used as a full, empty and demand alarm on silos containing solids. Its construction and materials make the unit suitable for use in the food industry. The unit is suitable as a level limit switch in dust-...


  • 測定原理


  • 特性 / アプリケーション


  • 特徴


  • 電源 / 通信

    230V 50/60 Hz

    115V 50/60 Hz

    48V 50/60 Hz

    24V 50/60 Hz

    DC 20~28 V

  • 周囲温度

    -20~+60 °C(-4~+140 °F)

  • プロセス温度

    -20~+80 °C(-4~+170 °F)

  • プロセス圧力 (絶対圧力) / 最大過圧リミット

    50~180 kPa(7~25 psi)

  • 最小密度

    >= 100 g/l

  • 主要接液部



  • プロセス接続

    ネジ込みボス - ネジ NPT 1 1/4" または NPT 1 1/2"

  • センサ長


    75 mm(3")

    100 mm(4")

    200 mm(8")

    300 mm(12")

    400 mm(16")

    500 mm(20")

    600 mm(24")

  • 通信 


  • 規格適合証明書/認証



  • アプリケーション限界

    最大粒径 50 mm (2")


  • 後継機種