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Micropilot FWR30

How the wireless level sensor optimises your logistics 

How to save time and money with mobile or stationary level measurement

Are you looking for a simple and transparent solution for level measurement on mobile/stationary silos or metal/plastic tanks? Here measurement point operators, building material suppliers or manufacturers of silos and plastic tanks, can benefit from cloud-based level measurement using the Micropilot FWR30. 


  • No cable = total freedom: The Micropilot FWR30 runs using a long-life battery and is totally wireless. This makes easy work of level measurement in locations without power supply, or in mobile or remote measurement points. 

  • Plug-and-Play: Installed in just 3 minutes the Micropilot FWR30 is always ready to go. Suitable for mobile and stationary plastic tanks, it transmits measurement data periodically into the cloud.

  • Logistics non-stop:  Working 24/7 and across the globe, the Micropilots FWR30 reports exactly when vessels need restocking. It also quickly and simply optimises your stockholding and logistics. 

  • Heavenly digital: Together with Netilion, our IIoT-ecosystem, the Micropilot FWR30 is the first cloud-based solution for industrial plants. With it you won’t just benefit from far more process data, you’ll also save valuable time and money. 

  • Transparent safety: Our Netilion-cloudservice fulfils all the safety and data protection requirements of the European and German standards. With this, your measurement data are guaranteed to only land in the hands of your supply chain management. 

Mobile level measurement using radar 

Micropilot FWR30 ©Endress+Hauser

The Micropilot FWR30 is the first completely wireless 80 GHz radar sensor that precisely measures levels in mobile or stationary assets – and for both liquid and solids. It offers all the advantages of radar measurement technology.

It is also armed for all challenges, such as movements in the tank, rapid temperature changes or harsh weather conditions.

Here you will learn more about sustainable level measurement of bulk goods. 

The right connection for every process

Micropilot FWR30 with process connection ©Endress+Hauser

Are you working with bulk goods or fluid additives in a mobile tank? Do you need to measure the level of feed silos or cleaning materials in the food industry? Wondering whether to use the Micropilot FWR30 with or without process connection? We can advise on exactly what’s best for your application. 

Flexible support for your process  

Netilion Inventory ©Endress+Hauser

The Micropilot FWR30 can be linked to three different digital services and accessed by smartphone, tablet or PC. Each application has its own requirements, so we first check with you which connection makes most sense. The following services help with the optimisation of your process: 

  • Netilion Value: simple level monitoring  

  • Netilion Inventory: stock management made easy 

  • SupplyCare Hosting: extending your stock and supply chain management 

Micropilot FWR30 ©Endress+Hauser

Easy mounting of the Micropilot FWR30