Sample preparation
Stamoclean CAT411

Sample preparation
Stamoclean CAT411 ©Endress+Hauser
Sample preparation
Stamoclean CAT411 ©Endress+Hauser

Self-cleaning crossflow filter for pressurized pipe sampling

Stamoclean CAT411 provides bacteria-free micro filtration of samples from pressure pipes. Its self-cleaning crossflow filter avoids filter blocking, thus increasing your process safety. Thanks to a minimized dead volume, it reflects changes of your process promptly and shortens the response time of your downstream measuring devices. Stamoclean CAT411 can be easily integrated into existing processes.


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  • 利点

    • High operational safety thanks to robust construction

    • Bacteria-free micro filtration

    • Easy installation and integration

    • Short response time of downstream measuring devices thanks to low dead volume

    • Self-cleaning design minimizes operating costs

  • アプリケーション

    Stamoclean CAT411 is a self-cleaning sample preparation for:

    • Municipal wastewater treatment plants:
      - Return activated sludge
      - Waste activated sludge
      - Secondary clarifier

    • Industrial wastewater treatment plants:
      - Return activated sludge
      - Waste...




  • 測定原理


  • 特性


  • サイズ

    370 x 200 x 70 mm
    14.43 x 7.8 x 2.73 inch

  • 構造

    ハウジング CAT 411 POM
    固定ネジ、ステンレスシール、Perbunan(r) フィルタメンブレン PTFE

  • プロセス温度

    5°C ... 50°C
    41°F ... 122°F

  • 周囲温度

    5°C ... 50°C
    41°F ... 122°F

  • プロセス圧力

    20 ... 100 kPa
    3 ... 14.5 psi

  • サンプルの一貫性

    最大 8 g/l TS

  • 特徴

    追加ポンプなしの、圧力パイプ製 サンプリング調整あり。これ以外の場合は、フィードポンプが必要。

  • アプリケーション

    水 / 廃水 / プロセス水

  • 消耗品



アクセサリ / スペアパーツ

Order code
    • Order code 51511288

      キット CAT411 リザーブメンブレン, 2個

    • Order code 51511474

      CAT441 ホース、コネクタセット

    • Order code 51516465

      キット CAT411 スペアシーリング

      1 x 円形コード Perbunan 4 mm 1 x 円形コード Perbunan 5 mm

    • Order code 51512790

      Pump for CAT411

      Sample feeding pump for clear water without cutting wheel. Submersive pump for feed of clear and lightly polluted water without fibrous impurities; stationary and transportable. Pump tolerates self-throtteling by back pressure. Type KP 250 A1, 230 V, 10m power cable, pump protection with pressure pipe joint Rp 1 1/4", max. power 0,5 kW, stainless steel 1.4301, dimensions: d=149mm, h=214mm, max. head: 7m, max. capacity: 11 m3/h (free passage 1m head), enclosure class IP68.